Re:Interference- Did something go wrong with my rebirth?

Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by and taking a bit of your time to read my story. This one, is a lit-RPG story. It follows the classic tropes of the genre, with an RPG-like world, ruled by magic and skills.


SYNOPSIS- A nerdy man, recently deceased, receives an offer from GOD.

“Be reborn in a new world, and become an overpowered Hero of justice”

Gladly, he accepts.

Instead, the man wakes up inside some ruins, with a teenager body and crappy stats…


-NOTICE- You can also read this story on Royal Road.

-NOTICE- CHANGE OF SCHEDULE- From today, until I will finally deal with some IRL stuff (that most likely will take me a month or so) I will be releasing a single chapter each week. Chapter release WILL BE RANDOM. That means, hopefully I will be able to release one chapter each week, but without a fixed day for release.

If you read this, please do keep in mind that:

  1. English is not my native language (so, by all means, if you spot bad grammar/ wrong terms etc take your time to leave a comment, it will help me a lot)
  2. As this is my first attempt at writing a web novel (well…technically it’s my second attempt…but oh well) please leave some feedback about the story. Any kind of feedback will be appreciated (unless it is just blatant, non-funny insult)

Thank You for your Time!



Re:Interference Chapter 1-Crawling Danger

Re:Interference Chapter 2- Aldora Marsh

Re:Interference Chapter 3- Language Barriers

Re: Interference Chapter 4- Language Barriers (part 2)

Re: Interference Chapter 5- Laughter

Re: Interference Chapter 6: The Road Ahead

Re:Interference Chapter 7: A Quiet Night

Re:Interference Chapter 8- Leveling Up

Re:interference Chapter 9- Sendria

Re:Interference Chapter 10- Third Floor Hunt

Re:Interference Chapter 11- Back to Business…

Re:Interference Chapter 12- Ash Guardian

Re:Interference Chapter 13- Welcome to the Jungle

Re:Interference Chapter 14- Silverback

Re:Interference Chapter 15- Silverback (part 2)

Re:Interference Chapter 16- Safezone

Re:Interference Chapter 17- Ninth Floor

Re:Interference Chapter 18- Icy Winds, Charred Ground

Re:Interference Chapter 19- Trial by Fire

Re:Interference Chapter 20- Rest

Re: Interference Chapter 21- Master

Re: Interference Chapter 22- Rank Up

Re: Interference Chapter 23- Black Hand

Re: Interference Chapter 24- Two Lessons

Re:Interference Chapter 25- Seaside

Re: Interference Chapter 26- Dive

Re:Interference Chapter 27- Further Down

Re:Interference Chapter 28- Back to town

Re: Interference Chapter 29- Horde

Re: Interference Chapter 30- Pawns

Re:Interference Chapter 31- Ream (part 1)

NOTICE: If you want, check out my other stories! One, Glimmer of a Fallen Star is not a lit-RPG story, the plot  focused on a dark fantasy world and a tribal setting,  with some “contamination” from cosmic horror stories.

The other, A Strange Sky, is another story with lit-RPG elements that I am working on.

Both of them will be blog exclusive, not published anywhere else.

Glimmer of a Fallen Star

A Strange Sky

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