Glimmer of a Fallen Star

Hey everybody! This story here is my first attempt to write a serious fantasy novel. Unlike the other stories published here in this blog, this will not be a “light novel”, but a full-fledged fantasy novel (so, nothing like lit-RPG, levels or all those tropes). As usual, do keep in mind that I am not a professional author (I do this for fun) and English is not my native language. Feedback of any kind is higly appreciated, as well as suggestion and comments signaling mistakes or grammar errors. I will try to post a chapter a week, although I still have not made a proper schedule for this story. Of course, I will also focus on my other novel here (the schedule for that remains unchanged). Unlike Re:Interference, I will not publish this story on Royalroad for now.


-SYNOPSIS-  A dark fantasy story, taking place in a world of tribes. There, a young boy, named Hadan, sees his world fall apart, as his home, his tribe, cease to exist at the hands of mysterious assailants. His life is saved by an old man, whose name bears the weight of legends.


Glimmer of a Fallen Star-Prologue

Glimmer of a Fallen Star: Chapter 1- Hadan

Glimmer of a Fallen Star: Chapter 2- The Boy and the Old Man

Glimmer of A Fallen Star: Chapter 3- The Forest (part 1)

Glimmer of A Fallen Star: Chapter 4- The Forest (Part 2)

Glimmer of A Fallen Star: Chapter 5- The Village

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