A Strange Sky

Hey reader! Thanks for coming here, to take a peek at this new work of mine. This novel is another one with a lit-RPG setting, centered on a lone man’s adventure after he wakes up into a strange forest. I still do not have a schedule planned for it, at the moment. As usual, feedback of any kind is encouraged and highly appreciated. Also, this story will be blog exclusive, not published anywhere else. Thank you for stopping by!


A Strange Sky- Prologue

A Strange Sky: Chapter 1- Mosaic

A Strange Sky: Chapter 2- Shelter

A Strange Sky: Chapter 3- First Steps

A Strange Sky: Chapter 4- Death’s Grip

A Strange Sky: Chapter 5- Recovering


Those chapters that I previously published, collected into two posts after I decided to completely rework them

A Strange Sky (Old Version- Part 1)

A Strange Sky- (OLD VERSION PART 2)