Some news about Re:Interference and the other series on this blog…

Hello reader! This post is here to inform you of some changes that will happen to this blog. Due to some imminent IRL stuff, I, your humble Author, will no longer be able to post the same quantity of material.

Concerning Re: Interference, I will no longer be posting two chapters each week, changing the release from two to a single chapter, released without a scheduled day.

That means, whenever the chapter is ready, I will post it here (also on RR, with one day of delay)

Concerning A Strange Sky and Glimmer of a Fallen Star:These two stories had no schedule to begin with, so nothing to change here. From time to time, I will post a chapter or two.

I apologize for this, but it is a necessary step. Sadly, writing requires time, and revising what you write requires even more, and between moving to a new apartment and switching to my new job (and figuring out how much free time it will leave me each day) this is the best I can do to keep the stories “alive”.

Thank you for your time and comprehension.


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