Prologue: A White Pulse

<<Who…what are you?>> said the man, gazing on the pulsing white sphere suspended in a pitch black darkness.

In response, a torrent of images and words flooded the man’s mind.

Strange views of unknown worlds, bizarre screams and noises.

Other, more familiar scenes and words.

Images of prayer and despair, life and death.

Thousands of names, uttered in voices both thundering and whispered.

Many he did not understand.

Others were known to him.

Names of gods and demons from all over the world, uttered as if they were the same concept.

The very idea of divinity, in both positive and negative connotation.

In short, a real GOD.

The man was in awe.

During his life, he refused the concept of divinity. And yet, GOD’s light shined in front of him.

The man was trembling. He wanted to ask several questions, to receive answers to lifelong doubts.

He wanted to know the meaning of existence, his role…his purpose in the world.

Trembling, he uttered those questions.

And the GOD did not answer.

Time went on. Hours, or years perhaps.

The man did not know, nor the GOD intended to give him an answer.

The man resolved himself to ask another question to GOD.

With a hushed voice, he muttered.

<<Why am I here?>>

Countless images formed in the dark space.

Like television screens, each reproducing the same scene.

They showed the man’s death.

A tear ran on the man’s cheek.

<<So…this is the afterlife>> he muttered to himself.

Another stream of words thundered inside the man’s mind.


The last word transmitted by the GOD reverberated inside the man’s thoughts.

He took a deep breath, and he chose.

<<SO IT WILL BE>> declared the GOD in his thousands voices.

A blinding light enveloped the dark space, and the man was thrown in a swirling stream of light.

The pain was unbearable, as his form, his very soul, was being thorn apart and remade anew.

And, in the distance, the man could hear a faint sound of laughter.

The boy ran, his heavy footsteps echoed loudly in the empty corridor.

He ran towards the priest’s room, barging inside.

Loud sounds from the alarm bell resounded in the air.

<<What? What kind of manners are these, boy?>> said the Priest.

<<Sorry, Master!>> said the boy, his face red and his breath still in disarray.

<<This is an emergency!>>

The Master’s face lost all color while hearing the boy’s explanation.

They left the room, together, running towards the Circle’s room.

The Priest and the boy plunged inside the open door. An eerie light was overflowing from the room.

<<Im…Impossible>> muttered the Priest.

The symbols carved on the marble floor were shining, and an ominous wind was blowing from the windowless room.

Meanwhile, ten soldiers entered the room.

<<Quick, surround the circle!>> shouted the priest, still dumbfounded by the view in front of him.

The Circle was activating itself.

<<Boy! Go, call him! Now!>> said the Priest towards his young attendant.

<<Yes, Master>> answered the boy while trembling.

<<What in the world…>> the priest muttered to himself.

<<Do not fear, my men! Steel your heart and prepare to battle!>>

A blonde man with a gallant figure and unyielding eyes entered the room, encouraging the soldiers with his thundering voice.

Behind him two women followed in his steps.

The boy who brought them there went to the priest’s side.

<<Master, the Hero’s here!>> he said with a smile on his lips.

<<You did well, my pupil. Now, let’s pray for the best>> said the old priest.

Meanwhile, the overflowing light was dancing and swirling on the carved circle.

Strange symbols lit up, while lightning sparks flew in the air.

The priest started chanting, his large robes swaying in the wind.

The Hero stood with his hand near the pommel of his sword, ready to act.

A faint sound hummed in the air.

<<It’s coming…I cannot restrain the Circle!>> shouted the Priest, sweating profusely from his forehead.

Blinding light erupted from the Circle, followed by a loud cracking noise.

The soldier were blown off their feet, only the Hero and Priest were left standing in the room.

The light subsided, the wind stopped.

A dark haired boy was lying inside the broken Circle.

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