Chapter 1: A Strange turn of Events

I woke up with an unfamiliar sensation in my face.

As I open my eyes, I find myself lying on a stone floor.

I raise myself, jolting from the pain that runs all over my body.

Unfamiliar voices are around me. Still drowsy, I take a look towards the voice.

Angry faces gaze at me, pointing their swords and shouting in unknown language.

What? Swords? I fumble my hands in front of my face, raising them and pointing the palm towards the armed men.

Even if they speak another language, this should be a universal gesture…

<<I give up, don’t hurt me please>> .

I say so while smiling with all my might.

Still, shining swords are pointed toward my face.

One man smiles, and lowers his blade.

He says something to his comrades, or subordinates, and they lower their weapons. He comes towards me, smiling.

His figure looks like a medieval knight, like a picture of “a knight in shining armor”. Blonde hair, strong blue eyes.

He kneels beside me, smiling.

<<Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you>> he says in a German accent.

<<Can you stand up?>> he asks, with a look of sympathy in his eyes.

<<Y…Yes. Thank you for your concern>> I reply. I stand up, resisting the lingering pain on my limbs.

My clothes feel baggy somehow.

Now that I think about it, it seems that my hands are smaller than they used to be…I brush aside that thought. It must be a sensation due to fatigue.

<<Good. It seems you’re fine. It took me two days to recover from the pain!>> the Blonde Knight says with a wide smile. He seems delighted by my condition.

A violent pain pulses in my head. I sway, and manage to stand still by gripping to the Knight’s arm. My vision feels blurry for a few seconds, and then something flashes in my mind.

Everything that i look shows hallucination, like text boxes from old school RPG games.

Inside those boxes I can see the name of what I’m looking at, and some information about the object.

It looks like some kind of Augmented reality, but the information is too much, it’s overflowing. I try to close my eyes.

<<Huh, easy, easy boy…don’t force yourself. Try to shut down the information, it should work>>.

I follow Blonde Knight ‘s advice…not. How the heck am I supposed to do so? I shout to myself.

Like it would be so easy to do so! What is this, a joke? You are asking the impossible, man! How will thinking of shutting down the information ease this pain huh?

Oh…apparently…it worked. Just-like-that. If this was a japanese cartoon I would drop down sideway on the floor.

I look around. Surely the expression on my face must be very stupid right now.

Some of the soldiers are still wary towards me, but most of them are amused by the situation.

My vision is now better, and the information from the A/R thing is now manageable.

It seems to show different kind of information when I stare at someone. Name, Age, Race, Job, Titles, Abilities Statistics, Level…what is this, some kind of RPG?


<<Pretty amusing, right? Although it’s a bit shocking the first time>>

I reply with a laugh to the amused Blonde Knight.

The A/R about him shows some hilarious things…this must be a joke, right?



Age: 22

Race: Human

Job: Hero (Summoned)

Title: Summoned One, Hero, Sword of The Crown, Slave of the Order

Abilities: ***


Level: 50

I laugh to myself. Still, I must not be rude, even if this thing shows some silly information.

<<Yes, pretty shocking indeed. Thank you for your guidance, Friedrick.>> I reply to him with a smile.


The look on his face changes.

<<You can see my name? My real name… quite a feat, my mysterious friend>>

<<Shouldn’t I?>>

<<Well…no. I mean, it’s fine with common people, they don’t have the same protections like me…but it should be impossible for anyone, beside His Majesty, to see my Summary Stats>>

Friedrick seems dumbfounded by this remark.

Meanwhile the other men around are speaking to the Hero in their strange language.

He replies to them, while pointing at me. The soldiers and the women leave the room, while only Friedrick and an old man with fluttering robes remain. The old man advances towards me, still wary.

<<Hello>> I greet him, although it seems that he cannot understand me.

I can see his Information. He is a lv 67 High Priest (Summoner) named Aalverg.

His stats show several numbers divided in categories like Faith, HP, Mp, Intelligence… I am still dumbfounded by these A/R hallucinations.

Aalverg tries to talk to me, and he shakes his head to the side when I don’t reply. He looks at Friedrick, who nods to the priest, and he starts to mutter to himself. Is he…praying?

He is looking at the ceiling while doing strange gestures with his hands, and he abruptly turns his gaze towards me. This is scary.

White, shining particles are buzzing around him.

He points his finger to me and he utters a strange word with a loud voice.

The lights leave him and begin to circle around me, going faster every passing second.

And then, with a loud sound, the lights pierce me.

I panic and scream, and I frantically check my torso with my hands.

I feel relieved when I find no injury.

<<Are you ok?>> the voice comes from Aalverg.

Huh? I can understand him now.

A message pops up in my sight:

[Magic-Lost in Translation: It is now possible to understand Wevry Kingdom Language]


<<Hey boy! Do you understand me?>> Aalverg raises his tone while shaking his hand in front of me.

<<Y…yes>>. I am still shaken by these events. Magic. Is this a game?

<<Good. Tell me…what is your name? Who sent you here?>>

I open my mouth to answer but i realize that… I don’t remember.

The look on Friedrick and Aalverg’ s faces shows surprise. Even I am shocked by this.

I clearly remember who I am, my life in my Original World.

My family, even the way I met my end.

However, my name eludes me, as the events after my death that led me here.

I explain them so, receiving perplexed looks in exchange.

<<Hero…can you see his Status?>>

<<Hmm…I am afraid not. It must be some kind of divine blessing, or a skill…although I assure you that he is not dangerous>>

Somehow, the priest seem reassured by Hero’s remark.

<<Well, my nameless friend…it seems we owe you some explanations>>said Aalverg to me, smiling amicably.

And so, he told me about the kingdom and the dark menace upon its inhabitants: the Demon Lord.

An absurd existence, capable of total destruction if left unchecked. To counter this dark menace, ancient priests offered prayers to the Gods, and in return they received the means to fight against the Demon Lord.

A Summoning Prayer, some kind of powerful magic capable of summoning valiant souls from another world and grant them the power to win against Demon.

By using the Summoning Circle and Prayer, they can summon one and only one Hero to this world during times of crisis.

I listen to the explanation, although I am still perplexed by these events.

<<Wait, did you say only one Hero?>> I ask them.

<<Yes…after the summon, the Summoning Circle runs out of magic power and becomes sealed for one hundred years. It is a last resort, to use only if clear signs of Demon Lord’s revival appear>> answers Aalverg.

<<However- he continues- this time it’s different>>

Friedrick nods in silence.

<<They summoned me two years ago, to train and become proficient as a Hero before Demon Lord’s awakening>> he says to me.

<<The magic inside the Summoning Circle was emptied, however, after two years from my summoning, it re-activated himself and brought you here>>

<<So…am I also a Hero?>>

Aalverg looks at me with a serious expression.

<<We do not know. We cannot see your Status, so we have no information. Every Summoned Hero always held the “Hero” (Summoned) title well visible in his Status>>

<<Although- continues Friedrick- it is possible that some Skill or Divine Blessing bestowed to you may be interfering with our senses>>

<<Is that so…but, you said that I am not a danger to this country…right?>>

Friedrick smiles and shakes hs head.

<<Yes-he answers- one of my Divine Blessings is called Holy Sight. It allows me to discern danger and evil intention, no matter how well hidden they are. It’s an absurd ability that never failed, and it shows no reaction towards you…so rest assured>>

<<It seems really useful>>

<<Yes, it is. Although it was really difficult to control the first time I got here and it caused me some inconvenience>>

Friedrick clapped his hands together.

<<Well, enough with explanations for now. We cannot know more about your mysterious summon if we stay here chatting>>

Aalverg nods with vigor.

<<So, follow us. We will take you to someone who may shed some light on this dilemma>>.

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