About this Blog…

Hello! Welcome to this strange place! Here you will find some badly written, full-of-clichè web fantasy novel written by me! So, go on, read, and enjoy…

Disclaimer: English is not my native language, and, by no means, I am a professional author.

I am just an amateur, so my stories will have some errors in them.

And, since English is not my native language, expect to find some broken grammar and sentences written in poor English, while the rest will be in a very, very poor English.

So, you may be asking …why the f*** are you  writing in English?

Because I am very, very bored.

Oh well, now that you’re here, please give me a hand, would you? I will appreciate any kind of feedback, especially pointing out mistakes or grammar errors (or horrors) that you can (and will) find.

So, I hope that you enjoy these stories I share with you, and have as much fun reading them as I had in writing them.

Thank you!


Re:Interference- Did something go wrong with my rebirth?

Ongoing, also published on Royalroad (no schedule)

A lit-RPG story, where the protagonist is a man transported into an RPG-like world. More an exercise on writing and worldbuilding than a proper, full fledged story. An experiment, well, sort of.

Glimmer of a Fallen Star

Ongoing, blog exclusive (no schedule)

My first “serious” project, a dark fantasy story with some contaminations from cosmic horror novels. It has an original plot, set into a tribal world. It is still a “baby”, since I myself do not have more than a faint idea about what to do with this story (and the above sentence should not be written or spoken to someone that is just presenting his story to the public)

A Strange Sky

Ongoing, blog exclusive (no schedule)

Another attempt at a “summoned into a fantasy world” kind of story. The core of it is a litRPG, with the usual tropes and elements.

What the f*** am I doing in a Fantasy World? (provisional title)-DISCONTINUED_

NOTICE-This story has been discontinued (Since I was not really satisfied with it, I started reworking the chapter and well…rework after rework it just became a completely different story. Still, I’ll be keeping the posted chapters here)